Unlicensed 900MHz Spread Spectrum Radios


Microhard Systems Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of long range robust wireless data equipment. Microhard’s continuous innovation and unparalleled product performance has earned them a trusted name in the wireless industry.

Microhard provides OEM level products, packaged products, and ready to install systems for wireless Data and Voice for industrial, and military, and government clients. Microhard serves a variety of customers ranging from radio integrators to multibillion-dollar defense contractors.

900 MHz Wireless Bridge/Serial Gateway



The IP921 Wireless Ethernet Bridge / Serial Gateway is powered by a reliable high-speed 900 MHz
FHSS radio. It provides robust wireless communication of simultaneous serial data and IP/ Ethernet
packets to extend serial data and IP networks.


  • IP/Ethernet Wireless Extension
  • Legacy Networks/Devices Migration
  • Video/Voice over IP
  • SCADA (PLCs, Modbus, HART)
  • GPS Vehicle Data/Tracking, DGPS
  • Electric, Oil & Gas Utilities/Metering
  • Display Signs

A complete wireless solution for integrating industrial Ethernet and serial devices into IP/Ethernet networks. The IP921 allows
Ethernet devices to share high speed wireless media and provides a wireless gateway for network applications to access serial
devices. The IP921 also features flexible maintenance utilities and network management facilities.

Features of the IP921

  • Standard 1.1Mbps wireless link rate
  • Long-range, high-speed communications
  • Excellent receive sensitivity
  • User-selectable transmit power (100mW-1W)
  • 1 ethernet port
  • 2 serial ports (RS232 and RS232/485/422)
  • Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint, Peer-to-Peer
  • User interface through local console, telnet, web browser
  • Network management capability with SNMP
  • Radius Server Authentication
  • Full VLAN Support
  • Local and remote firmware upgrading via FTP
  • Wireless extension of IP network
  • Legacy networks/device migration
  • Video and Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • SCADA (PLCs, Modbus, HART)
  • Power utility metering and control


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