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Network Instruments is a provider of outstanding network monitoring, troubleshooting and analysis tools, including the Observer protocol analyzer and distributed Probes for Ethernet, Wireless 802.11, Gigabit Ethernet, WAN, FDDI and Token Ring. SNMP-and RMON-compliant consoles and probes along with integrated network mapping visualization tool.


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Comprehensive Network Analysis through an integrated line of consoles, probes, appliances, and add-on modules, Observer provides visibility into every corner of your infrastructure so you can effectively manage, monitor, and maintain the lifeline of your business.

Choose the console that is right for you

Observer Standard

Packet capture and decode with real-time statistics, trending, and more for shared and switched environments.

Ideal for small companies needing simple network analysis.

Observer Expert

Observer with Expert analysis to provide immediate solutions on network problems. Includes VoIP Analysis, NetFlow, Application Analysis, and the means to isolate transaction issues.

Ideal for medium-to-large enterprises desiring rapid troubleshooting capability and application-specific data.

Observer Suite

Expert Observer with built-in SNMP and Reporting for web reporting capability and device management. Also connects to the Observer Reporting Server.

Ideal for large companies with large-scale reporting and SNMP device management needs.

Add Probes – available for every network environment


Probes collect data from local and remote segments. Choose from software or hardware probes that can monitor across Gigabit, 10 Gb, WAN, Fibre Channel, Ethernet links, and wireless.

Ideal for data collection on remote segments.


The GigaStor is a unique hardware appliance that performs retrospective analysis. These devices allow network engineers to go back in time to find the source of problems eliminating time-consuming steps in the troubleshooting process.

Ideal for tracking network anomalies, performing forensics, and helping with internal and external compliance efforts.

Add-On – gain greater monitoring flexibility

Observer Reporting Server (NEW)

Optimize performance with high-level aggregate reporting across large-scale Observer deployments. Drill down for problem solving.

Ideal for large companies that desire to manage and understand network health by business unit or entity type.

Network Instruments Management Server (NIMS)

Manage probe access, ensure secure authentication, streamline critical updates with a central repository for all probe configuration needs.

Ideal for corporations with multiple Observer probes.

Link Analyst™

Discover, monitor, create reports, and configure alarms for devices and routes across the network by device type or business group.

Ideal for small to mid-sized companies seeking high level resource monitoring.

RMON Support

Hardware probes can be configured as an RMON probe, supporting all 21 RMON groups with full adherence to all RFCs. RMON probes report to any RMON or SNMP management console such as Observer.

  • Monitor full-duplex Fast Ethernet Traffic in real time
  • Identify and resolve problems with Expert help
  • Collect long-term trending statistics
  • Receive alerts on problem activity

Probe Appliance for 10/100/1000-has the option to monitor one or two 10/100/1000 links

Multi-Port Probe Appliance for 10/100 Networks-monitors up to four Fast Ethernet links simultaneously

appliance10/100 Full-Duplex Probe Appliance-monitors one full-duplex, Fast Ethernet network link

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