Network Security and Firewall Protection


Fortinet’s FortiGate® is the new generation of secure gateways that enable enterprises and service providers of all sizes to obtain the highest levels of security and application level control over networked traffic. Built from the ground up by Fortinet, FortiGate systems start with a purpose-built hardware platform for unmatched performance. And by consolidating critical security technology and services into a truly integrated system, FortiGate delivers more effective security, notable cost savings, and a smaller environmental footprint.

Fortinet’s Multi-Layered Security Solution

multilayer security solutions

Fortinet’s multi-layered security solutions efficiently and economically provide an integrated set of security services in a single, easy-to-manage high-performance appliance that is capable of supporting a wide range of deployment scenarios. In addition, FortiGuard Security Subscription Services include updates for antivirus, antispyware, antispam, and Web filtering services to ensure that your security environment remains current and your corporate resources remain protected against the latest threats. FortiGate systems come with a one-year limited hardware warranty and 90-day limited software warranty.

Next-Generation Perimeter Security


Firewalls alone aren’t enough to block today’s blended threats. When single packets are examined by point products with no concern for multi-vector attacks, blended threats often pass undetected. Combining content inspection firewall technology with gateway antivirus and intrusion prevention allows packet flows to be tracked. Fortinet multi-layered security technologies examine entire packet flows, from content inspection through reassembly, stopping threats at the perimeter before corporate resources are compromised.

MSSP Core Security


The FortiGate®-5000 Series delivers comprehensive security for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). The full suite of ASIC-accelerated security modules allows for customizable features for specific customers, while virtualization features like Virtual Domains (VDOMs) provides up to 3,500 separate security domains. Finally, the full suite of Fortinet integrated management applications-including granular reporting features-offer unprecedented visibility into the security posture of customers while illustrating their highest risks.

Secure Messaging


Email is an essential corporate communication tool. Malware has adapted to this trend and email is now a primary vector of transmission of malcode threats. Instant messaging is quickly becoming a primary propagation vector as IM adoption rate increases. As with any new technology, IM introduces security risks in the form of a new generation of malware that could potentially infect corporate resources. By combining Fortinet antispam technology, IM and P2P controls, antivirus scanning, and web filtering, customers can ensure that email and other messaging remains secure and won’t result in lost revenue or lost data.

Fortinet Unified Security Solutions

All-inclusive, cost-effective security solution

Fortinet offers a lower total cost of ownership with the most complete set of functions including: firewall, VPN, antivirus, intrusion prevention, antispyware, web filtering,and antispam.

Automated updates of antivirus/antispyware and IPS security content

Around-the-clock protection against the latest threats. Virus and intrusion encyclopedia covers more than 60,000 different threats.

High performance custom hardware

The Fortinet FortiASIC™ delivers superior performance and reliability, ensuring that the security appliance does not interfere with the flow of mission-critical traffic.

Integrated multi-port switch

Eliminates the need for external switches and provides enhanced connectivity options.

Secure Web UI for easy deployment and management

Quick and easy configuration wizard walks administrators through initial setup and graphical user interface offers at-a-glance security event and performance monitoring.

Security hardened custom Operating System (OS)

Underlying FortiOSTM™ is ICSA Labs-certified and offers a comprehensive command-line interface.

Fortinet’s ASIC-Based Advantage

FortiASIC™ is the foundation of Fortinet’s unique hardware technology. FortiASIC is a family of purpose built, high-performance network and content processors that uses an intelligent proprietary content scanning engine and multiple algorithms to accelerate computeintensive security services. FortiASIC provides the performance required to deliver enterprise and carriersclass UTM services. Coupled with the FortiOS security hardened Operating System, FortiASIC delivers extreme performance and security.

FortiOS™: Developed for Security

Fortios is the software foundation of FortiGate multithreat security platforms. Developed solely for security, performance and reliablity, it is a purpose-built operating system that leverages power of the the FortiAISC content and network processors. FortiOS enables a comprehensive suite of security services – content inspection firewall, IPS, antivirus, web filtering, antispam, IM/P2P, virtual network security and bandwidth shaping. FortiOS is a complete suite of UTM security services and is certified for Common Criteria EAL 4+.

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