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LiveAction™ – Expert configuration, control, and monitoring of live networks

LiveAction is a modular software platform for IT professionals that configures, verifies, and troubleshoots networks and network devices. LiveAction uses a highly intuitive graphical interface wrapped around an extensive device knowledgebase and provides intelligent control of the functions, characteristics (and even idiosyncrasies) built into each router and switch. The software is scalable with modules and features that can be added as you add more devices or capacity to your network.

Action Packed topology

LiveAction software provides clear topology views showing the interconnections and flows of your network devices and their interfaces.

Why enterprises need LiveAction

Built-in knowledge makes the difference

LiveAction is the first software application that unlocks the powerful features embedded deep inside Cisco routers and makes them easily accessible by users at any experience level. Inside LiveAction we compiled an expansive knowledge base detailing the many intricacies of the Cisco router family and then wrapped our highly intelligent software around it.

Routers are extremely difficult to configure and operate

Without a doubt, configuring a Cisco® router can be a baffling and befuddling experience. The fact is, network routing technologies are now so advanced and complicated that managing them requires more knowledge than any individual can possibly accumulate in a lifetime.

LiveAction provides a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface for configuring Cisco routers and switches. The software automatically captures the device’s current configuration which you can easily modify or replace completely with pre-defined settings or from “snapshots” taken of earlier configurations.

Enhance the capability of your IT engineers

With LiveAction, even complicated features such as QoS and NetFlow become instantly usable without extensive training and research. The software expertly navigates the intricacies of configuring the router and walks the user through the mine field of configuration setup and also provides wizards and templates that follow industry best practices for optimal performance and reliability.

Maximize ROI

Your Cisco routers contain many powerful features that can significantly enhance the performance and reliability of enterprise networks. Unfortunately, these features are often never used because they are too difficult to use and require more off-site training than most enterprises are able to provide. With LiveAction, the knowledge and methodology needed to access theses features is built into the software eliminating the expense of extra training or supplemental technologies such as network appliances.

Practice safe networking

LiveAction makes it easy to visualize and perform real time configuration of devices on production networks as well as to revert back to earlier setups at any time. Unlike command line operation which is painstakingly difficult and highly prone to error, LiveAction helps minimize mistakes that rob performance or even shut the network down.

No more command line interface!

You wouldn’t depend on a command line interface to browse the Internet, create an animated slide presentation, or prepare your IT equipment budget. So why should managing a complex network and configuring routers be any different?

Entering CLI commands is tedious, prone to error, and requires endless training just to keep the network alive. LiveAction eliminates the complexity of router management and enables users to perform complex tasks quickly, confidently, and safely-even on live networks.

Installs in five minutes!

LiveAction installs in five minutes on standard desktop or notebook computers running Windows and Linux. The computers connect to the network via standard Ethernet or 802.11 wireless connection. No servers, appliances, or special interfaces are required.

LiveAction QoS and LiveAction Netflow

LiveAction is currently available with modules for Quality of Service (Qos) Monitoring and Configuration and Netflow Management. Additional modules will be available shortly as well.

LiveAction Features and Specifications

Flexible Management Platform

  • Single software tool for configuration, verification, troubleshooting, and monitoring
  • Operates on Windows, (Linux and Macintosh OS-X available soon)
  • No hardware appliance or server required
  • Supports up 50 network devices
  • Multiple technology modules available
  • Built-in ACL editor

Technology Module Options

  • LiveAction QoS monitoring and configuration
  • LiveAction QoS monitoring only
  • LiveAction NetFlow

Specific Devices Supported

  • Cisco 800, 1800, 2600XM, 2800, 3600, 3700, 3800, 7200 series routers
  • Cisco Catalyst switches (available soon)

User Interface

  • Intuitive graphic user interface
  • Tree structure view of all devices and interfaces
  • Natural workflow design
  • Wizards and templates for fast and easy configuration
  • Command line tool and command previews

Monitoring and Visualizations

  • Real time extreme analysis of networks and devices
  • Live topology-based visualizations
  • Reports and historical views for baselining
  • Data export

Network Access

  • SSH and Telnet support for device configuration
  • SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 support for live monitoring

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows (XP, Server or Vista),(Linux and Macintosh OS X available soon)
  • System RAM: 1 GB minimum
  • Disk space: 2 GB minimum

Options and Support

  • One year warranty and support including free upgrades
  • Online technical support

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